We are passionate about aviation.

Our instructors are not only pilots in their own right, but have thousands of hours as practiced flight instructors. We are committed to the ideals of seamless helecopter and pilot training to provide you with the skills that airlines recognise and give you the competitive edge. Our team is with you every step of the way to help you achieve your pilot license.

Ian Calvert

Chief Executive Officer

Ian is the CEO at AFS with a focus on managing the day to day operations of the school and ensuring our students receive an outstanding experience at AFS. Ian is an ‘A’ Cat Instructor and GA Examiner with 30 years flying experience. He initially trained up to his PPL here at Ardmore. Ian has been a CFI and senior manager for a large international flight school, and has extensive experience in international markets having visited and worked with many international airlines and Regulators.

Ben Langley

Head of Training

Ben started flight training following five years at university and some years managing his own business and supermarkets. He completed his PPL/CPL/IR and C Cat in 12 months, and B Cat a year later then instructed for three years. Ben flew charter for Ridge Air and then Sounds Air and worked as a line pilot for four years on the C-208 Caravan and Pilatus PC-12 flying single pilot IFR. Ben moved to Auckland in 2017 to take a role as the Dep. Head of Training at AFS and most recently as the Head of Training.

Warren Sattler

Head of Flight Training Standards

With more than 30,000 hours of flight instruction experience, Warren is a leader in the flight instruction industry. As an A Cat Instructor with Testing privileges, his passion for flight instruction is legendary and benefits all Ardmore Flying School’s students. Combined with the commitment and dedication Warren gives to the school, Ardmore Flying School provides professional delivery of quality training.

Shitong Liu

Chief Flying Instructor (CFI)

Shitong joined Ardmore Flying School in 2010 as a student pilot and completed his PPL/CPL/MEIR/C-Cat within 2 years. He joined the Ardmore Flying School instructor team in 2013, passed his B-Cat instructor rating in 2015 with all B-Cat privileges. He has been with Ardmore Flying School over 9 years. Shitong (or Tiger as he is commonly known) has a very strong passion in flight instruction. As the CFI, he looks after all students and instructors, helping them to achieve their aviation goals.

Glenn Drower

Chief Flight Instructor/Flight Instructor Training

Glenn has been part of the instructor team for over 10 years, holds a Commercial Pilot License and a B-Cat Instructor Rating with over 5000 flying hours. This busy instructor loves the culture and the friendly atmosphere at Ardmore Flying School which makes his job as the CFI easy when teaching students and mentoring younger instructors. When he’s not busy organizing everyone else, he loves to travel and expand his mind by reading. But when he’s on the job, his organization skills ensure the smooth running of the courses for the students to get them flying sooner.

Tony Graham

Pastoral Care and Accomodation/Transport Manager

Tony is the Accommodation and Transport Manager. Tony comes with an aviation and management background including 15 years with Air New Zealand Link and ANZ National airlines. He has managed various management positions over the years also including his own business’s. His love of aviation has drawn him to Ardmore flying school. His proudest moment was when his daughter (Mikayla) achieved a double diploma through AFS and is now flying in Australia.

Andrea Ratcliffe

Student Administrative Manager

Born in North Wales UK, Andrea emigrated to Australia in her 20’s before settling in New Zealand which she calls living in the best of both her past home countries. Having previously worked extensively within customer service orientated administration roles Andrea is there to assist with all potential new students considering aviation as a career and is ready to advise every step of the way on the enrolment process. Outside of the school Andrea enjoys walking, cycling, gardening and photography.

Geoff Paterson

Head of Multi-crew Training

On leaving High School Geoff went through a 5-year Avionics apprenticeship with Air New Zealand. During this time, he followed his real passion of flying by obtaining a PPL, CPL, Instrument Rating and "C" Cat Instructors rating through the Canterbury Aero Club while completing ATPL subjects. Having completed his apprenticeship Geoff spent 2 years in Flight Simulator Maintenance before being accepted for Air New Zealand Pilot training. After 25 years as an Airline Pilot with the company, including 14 years Jet Command, an 18 month secondment with Gulf Air operating B737 based out of Bahrain, he brings over 13,000 hours of Multi Crew flying into the Ardmore Flying Schools "Multi Crew Integration Course" where he enjoys passing on that experience to the young pilots of today.