Your First Point of Call

At Ardmore Flying school we encourage an environment of open and honest communication, which applies not only to aviation. Given the demanding nature of pilot training, it is normal to feel under pressure and even overwhelmed at times. Each student being assigned a personal instructor provides a simple and familiar first point of call. Our instructors are experienced and knowledgeable so as to perform the role of coach and mentor, helping the student to operate the aircraft safely and furthermore navigate the stresses of the course.

How to Apply for a Student Loan/Student Allowance

Useful things to know about your student loan or allowance

There can be a delay of at least two weeks from when Study Link asks the AFS to confirm your enrolment and fee information and when they release the fees payment.

AFS is limited in what information we can provide to StudyLink about you without your permission, and we cannot include information about your fees unless Study Link explicitly requests this information. In addition, the sharing of information is dependent on the selections that you made on your student loan application with Study Link.

AFS makes every attempt to provide updated information to Study Link. If you have made changes to your enrolment before the enrolment deadline, there may have been additional charges added to your account that Study Link is unaware of.

A Verification of Study is sent to the School. The process for this request is an automated process that takes place overnight. This means that if Study Link sends a Verification of Study request to the School today, we will receive it in the morning of the next working day. We generally respond to requests within the week that they are received. It is important to remember that you are responsible for ensuring your fees are paid on time, including payment via Study Link.

Study Link offers student loans and allowances.

For a step-by-step guide to the student loan and allowance application process, please visit Study Link's Apply online page.

There are instructions for both first-time applicants and returning applicants.

Applying for your student loan/allowance
First time applications

Before applying, make sure that you check your eligibility for Fees Free Study by visiting Fees Free's Are you thinking about starting tertiary education?

Make sure you apply for your student loan/allowance to ensure your loan is approved before the fees due date.

When applying for a student loan for the first time, you need to fill out the hardcopy Study Link application and sign the contract provided by Study Link, as a signature is required. Thereafter, you can accept future Study Link contracts online via MyStudylink.

For a step-by-step guide to the student loan and allowance application process, please visit Study Link's Apply online for first-time students, page.

Returning applications

If you are re-applying for your student loan/allowance, please make sure to apply before the application closing date. If you are applying as a returning applicant, you can accept future Study Link contracts online via My Study Link.

Your application may be assessed in a shorter amount of time as a returning student loan/allowance applicant.

For a step-by-step guide to the student loan and allowance application process, please visit Study Link's Completing a returning application.

My Study Link

To receive regular updates from Study Link, you may want to register for MyStudyLink.

MyStudyLink is Study Link's online service that allows you to view your applications whenever you want. It is usually quicker to check your details this way.

This gives you an opportunity to keep tabs and receive up to date information on your student loan or allowance application.

For more information, please visit MyStudyLink.


Peer Assistance Network (PAN)

Aviation can be a demanding industry. The pursuit of licences and ratings is as challenging and stressful as it is rewarding. However, the camaraderie and friendships built in the process means no one need ever go it alone.

If you feel like you need a helping hand, whether it be in the classroom, in the flight deck or just getting through the day, a confidential talk with a peer can make all the difference. PAN (Peer Assistance Network) is here to provide that support. Simply call 0800 NZALPA and ask for member assistance.

Peer Assistance Network