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My aviation journey began at Ardmore Flying School, and I'm grateful for the excellent foundation it provided. The school's outstanding reputation and high flight training standards made it the obvious choice for me. Located in Tamaki Makaurau near breathtaking places like Waiheke Island and the Auckland CBD, the training environment was both unique and challenging due to the variable weather.

Ardmore Flying School's state-of-the-art facilities and aircraft catered to all my training requirements. The instructors were exceptional, going above and beyond to ensure my success. I cherished my time there, forging lifelong friendships and valuable industry connections that paved the way for my career. I wholeheartedly recommend Ardmore Flying School to anyone pursuing a career in aviation.

Former Student & Instructor
Currently First Officer on ATR-72 at Air New Zealand

Ardmore Flying School proved to be an excellent place for my studies, boasting amiable and experienced staff. Its convenient location allowed me to explore the breathtaking coastal scenery of the North Island. During training, I faced diverse weather conditions and flew over various terrains. Thanks to the comprehensive training and invaluable experiences at Ardmore Flying School, I felt well-prepared for my first job as a First Officer with Susi Air.

Former Student & Instructor
Currently First Officer on C208B Caravan at Susi Air

I trained for my PPL and CPL, then moved on to IFR training. This is a big step from VFR to IFR, and everything was so different. During the whole training, I sometimes felt that it was hard to get through and I was quite depressed. But the school’s managers and instructors always looked after me and encouraged me. They were especially patient and used different ways and different thinking to help me overcome it. It made me feel that I had made the right decision to come to AFS because it’s like a family, not only a school for me. At AFS, instructors are not only training students how to fly, but more importantly, how to have a good attitude and understand the concept of time management. This is crucial for a pilot.

After close to 2 years of training, I decided to join the AFS C-Cat instructor course. The reason I want to be an instructor at AFS is because I really like the school, the good environment and the managers and instructors. I want to teach my students the way that my instructors taught me. I not only want to be a good pilot now but also a good instructor - to teach students to have a good attitude, good behaviour and to be good pilots. AFS gave me the opportunity to start my new career.

Lei Zhou
Former Student
Current Instructor at Ardmore Flying School

Before starting my pilot training, I thoroughly researched different flight schools, and I recommend others do the same. When I visited Ardmore Flying School, the instructor answered all my questions professionally and comprehensively. Ardmore Flying School stood out as the best choice, and I began my training with them. Now, after completing my training, I am a First Officer on a Boeing 737 in India at Akasa Air.

Former Student
Current First Officer with Akasa Air

What a way to enter aviation! Right from day one, the professionalism and ethos of Ardmore Flying School was clear. Right throughout the theory and practical lessons/assessments, I found the staff of AFS to be ever helpful, always welcoming and consistently supportive.

Through the school's dedication and wealth of knowledge and experience, I was able to obtain my PPL, CPL and MEIR. Their effective teaching regime and impressive resources made them my first choice of school, and I have not been let down once

An instructor's passion is a very important part of motivating a student to succeed, and here AFS did not falter. Every classroom brief and flying lesson has been a new opportunity to grow and learn, and I have consistently witnessed this in both myself and my peers.

I hope to complete a C-Category Instructor rating with them soon, as I wish to continue to be a part of their professional culture and develop my skills further.

Jack Babich


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