New Zealand Regional Airline

Flying was always something I had dreamed of doing, although it seemed quite far away, not being a mathematician or extremely gifted in the field of physics. Despite this I decided to visit Ardmore Flying School to see what was required to train for a pilots licence.

While I was there I received an introductory flight, where you can go up with an instructor and take control of the aircraft. After this I was hooked, I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

As I was looking to continue with aviation as a career I found Ardmore Flying School to be the best fit for me with a more structured environment than an aero club and a vast amount of experience throughout the instructing staff. The availability of factory new Cessna 172’s was also great, with the option of training on the new G1000 glass cockpit aircraft. Its locality was also very convenient with many student flats and accommodation available just down the road from the school.

Throughout my training the instructors at the school were extremely helpful and were always available to answer questions or sit down and explain concepts no matter how busy they were. I soon discovered that as long as you have the drive and motivation, flying can be a reality for anyone. The instructors I had for my training were great and made learning to fly an awesome experience. Many of them now fly for airlines within New Zealand and around the world.

The other side of a training organization like Ardmore Flying School is meeting all the people who are going through the same experience as you; most of them becoming mates for life. From the first day of theory course where you know nothing about aviation to holding a commercial pilot licence with an instrument rating is a great milestone to reach, even better being able to reach it with those same people you sat with on day one.

I would recommend Ardmore Flying School to anyone who is looking for great training with great people, learning to fly is a great experience you won’t forget.