Love to fly! Thinking of becoming a pilot, but not quite sure?

Flown briefly but want even more?

Here is your chance to experience your 1st Solo Flight while gaining experience toward your Private Pilot Licence (PPL). You will experience the thrill of flying and actually controlling the aircraft, initially under the expert guidance of our instructors, and then finally BY YOURSELF!

You will complete 11 lessons (some in class and some in flight) – From Efects of Controls, Straight and Level, Climbing and Descending, Medium Turns and Slow Flight, Stalling and Advanced Stalling through to the completion of Circuit training.

Your final flight will be SOLO – only you and the aircraft to fly a single circuit - from take-off, around the runway, to land again – an experience no pilot ever forgets!

Before you start your flying lessons, you will complete 5 Mass Briefings. These are classroom lessons to ensure you understand what you need to know and do, to safely fly solo.

You will start each flying lesson with a thorough pre-flight briefing with your instructor and complete a full pre-flight aircraft inspection. You will then learn these skills in the Cessna C172 aircraft, all of which can be logged towards your PPL, should you wish to continue training.

For more information and to book your 1st Solo Package contact: or call 09 298 5055 or come in and see us at 2 Harvard Lane, Ardmore Airport, Papakura.