Ardmore Flying School orders EuroJet PS4.5 from PACSIM

Auckland’s Ardmore Flying School is to become the first flight school in New Zealand with a jet flight training device after ordering a EuroJet PS4.5 (Airbus A320) simulator from Christchurch-based Pacific Simulators (PACSIM).

The order comes in response to an increasing number of international students enrolling at Ardmore Flying School, but the company hopes that using the new simulator to provide airline bridging and jet orientation training will attract even more cadets from overseas.

Ardmore Flying School have been working with Pacific Simulators for a while now and our plans have finally come to fruition. Whilst it’s a big step for us, with the global demand for pilots showing no signs of abating and many airlines choosing New Zealand for training, we decided now is the right time.

Many airlines are particularly fond of the A320 including Air New Zealand whom have a large fleet of A320s. It will be a terrific chance for pilots to complete their Ab Initio training and then progress onto the jet simulator, so they are prepared for the next step. In other words, they will be ‘airline ready’ when they leave our school.

EuroJet was certified by the FAA in Miami last year and is predominantly being used for training Latin American students destined for airlines with Airbus fleets. To have one much closer to home is ideal for us.