Lei Zhou

I trained for my PPL and CPL, then moved on to IFR training. This is a big step from VFR to IFR, and everything was so different. During the whole training, I sometimes felt that it was hard to get through and I was quite depressed. But the school’s managers and instructors always looked after me and encouraged me. They were especially patient and used different ways and different thinking to help me overcome it. It made me feel that I had made the right decision to come to AFS because it’s like a family, not only a school for me. At AFS, instructors are not only training students how to fly, but more importantly, how to have a good attitude and understand the concept of time management. This is crucial for a pilot.

After close to 2 years of training, I decided to join the AFS C-Cat instructor course. The reason I want to be an instructor at AFS is because I really like the school, the good environment and the managers and instructors. I want to teach my students the way that my instructors taught me. I not only want to be a good pilot now but also a good instructor – to teach students to have a good attitude, good behaviour and to be good pilots. AFS gave me the opportunity to start my new career.